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Haynes 188 Alloy

Common Trade Names: Haynes 188, Alloy 188, Udimet 188, Conicro 4023

Haynes 188 alloy designated as UNS R30188 is a cobalt base superalloy with a unique combination of high temperature strength and oxidation resistance, along with adequate ductility after prolonged exposure to the 1400-1600F temperature range.

  • It is stronger than nickel-base solid-solution strengthened alloys, and far stronger than simple nickel-chromium or iron-nickel-chromium heat-resistant alloys
  • Alloy 188 is readily fabricated, being welded by both manual and automatic methods including electron beam, gas tungsten arc and resistance welding.
  • Strength and oxidation resistant to 2000F
  • Good post-aging ductility
  • Resistant to sulfate deposit hot corrosion
Typical Applications:
  • Gas turbine engine
  • combustor cans
  • spray bars
  • flame-holders and afterburner liners
Product Forms:
  • Sheets, Plates
  • Bars
Haynes 188 Alloy is a Registered Trademarks of Haynes International and its subsidiaries

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