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Inconel Alloy 22

Common Trade Names: Hastelloy C22, Inconel 22, Nickel 22, Alloy 22, Nicrofer 5621

INCONEL alloy 22 designated as UNS N06022; Werkstoff No. 2.4602; NiCr21Mo14W is a fully austenitic advanced corrosion-resistant alloy that offers resistance to both aqueous corrosion and attack at elevated temperatures. This alloy provides exceptional resistance to general corrosion, pitting, crevice corrosion, intergranular attack, and stress corrosion cracking. It is a nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy with tungsten, and extremely low carbon and silicon contents.

  • The alloy's high content of chromium gives it good resistance to wet corrosion by oxidizing media (e.g., nitric acid and ferric and cupric salts)
  • Its contents of molybdenum and tungsten give the alloy resistance to wet reducing media (e.g., sulfuric and hydrochloric acids)
  • Alloy 22 exhibits excellent resistance to corrosive attack by seawater under stagnant and flowing conditions
  • At elevated temperatures, the high chromium level of INCONEL alloy 22 helps it resist oxidation, carburization, and sulfidation.
  • Since it is nickel-base, alloy 22 resists high temperature attack by halides (e.g., chlorides and fluorides)
Typical Applications:
  • The alloy is widely used to protect steel tubes and other components in coal-fired and waste-to-energy boilers.
  • digesters and bleach plants in the paper and pulp industry
  • scrubbers, reheaters and wet fans for incinerator gas and flue-gas desulphurisation
  • equipment and components in sour gas service
  • reactors for acetic acid and acetic anhydride
  • is also particularly
  • suitable in applications involving hot contaminated mineral acids, solvents
  • and organic acids, such as formic and acetic acid
Product Forms:
  • Sheets, Strips, Plates
  • Round Bars, Flat Bars, Hexagon
  • Pipes, tubes, fittings and flanges
  • Wires
  • Fasteners
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