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Why Us ?

In this fast paced world of Global sourcing with Steel Purchaser’s having direct unlimited access via internet to all Steel Mills globally it is but natural to get to the source and wonder why us?

The following are a few of the reasons that distinguishes us from the crowd -
  1. With us the customer’s are in safe hands and need not experiment with unknown sourcing prospects - We have over twenty plus years of experience in Global sourcing and distribution of Steel Products, and the mills we represent are the mills who are time tested and who have correct & keen understanding of most International Specifications and Grades, track record of producing quality product to the ordered specification, excellent inspection laboratory with state of art testing facilities, qualified personnel to handle them and the ability to produce and supply on time.

  2. What we bring new to the table is lots of choices for the customer to consider without having to wait for days to get a response - Global sourcing is all about sourcing Steel from Mills that are spread throughout the Globe namely China, the Far East, Asia Pacific region, the Indian sub-continent, The Middle East, The Caspian region, Europe and the America’s - speaking varying languages, understanding their culture, working with different time zones and knowledge of their products & services & their limitations.

  3. We bring about a win-win situation to all in the supply chain - It has always been our experience that through our Global presence and daily contacts with Steel Mills we have a thorough understanding of who’s busy and who’s desperate and therefore can get the best deal for our customer’s at any given time. This way we also satisfy the thirst of our hungry mills by giving them the business.

  4. We get you the best deal - Specific projects buy from specific Steel mills – Period! We give business to Steel Mills all the time regularly and therefore can get better prices than what a customer can get when they approach them directly.

  5. We always make it happen - Projects are all about getting the right product manufactured to the right specification at the right time every time. With our logistic support and thorough understanding of the mills we will let this happen all the time every time.

  6. Save money! Save problems! Save time and efforts! – We take you to the right source direct. Find yourself saving time, effort and money and over all stay in peace and not in pieces - let us to worry about your sourcing and supply problems.

“We do more than just source and Trade Steel. Steel is our Passion and that is why we will do what it takes and walk that extra mile to provide you with complete Project solution”

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